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Jim Landtroop
Chuck Hopson
State Rep. - District 11
Recent Republican (Lifelong Democrat)
A Straus chairman (i.e. henchman)
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It was only four years ago that Representative Chuck Hopson claimed membership in the Democratic Party. He can campaign as a “conservative” all he wants, but nothing he says will drown out his dismal record as a moderate lackey.

In 2009, Hopson left the Democratic Party claiming that Barack Obama did not reflect his views, but it doesn’t take a political scientist to see that move was all about political expediency.

When Hopson first came into office in 2000, he received only 53% of the vote. In every election since where Hopson has had a challenger, he’s never achieved a percentage of the vote higher than that, with his lowest vote total of 49.29% in 2008 – the last election before Hopson switched to the GOP.

Why such poor support from his constituents?

Perhaps it’s because of his of his dismal voting record. He scored a “D” on the 2011 Fiscal Responsibility Index, a negligible improvement from his failing scores of 45 in 2009 and 43 in 2007.

Some of Rep. Hopson’s noteworthy votes in just this past session include:
  • Continuing funding to unnecessary bureaucracies like the Texas Education Agency and the Commission of the Arts
  • Failing to protect property owners by making public entities prove land they seek is absolutely necessary for public use
  • Interfering in the marketplace by adding additional regulations to select businesses
  • Opposing more transparency to the state budget by listing all line items of spending and to cite their constitutional authority
  • Opposing allowing parents more control in turning failing public schools into charter schools
  • Automatically tapping the Rainy Day Fund
And lets not forget the close relationship Rep. Hopson has with Speaker Joe Straus. Hopson received over $42,000 in campaign contributions from Straus and his political action committee after being appointed by the speaker to chair the House General Investigating and Ethics Committee. That kind of financial relationship should throw up red flags of legislative cronyism.

True conservative leadership is needed now more than ever, but Mr. Hopson has demonstrated he’s no more interested in serving the taxpayer’s interest now than he was as a Democrat two years ago. It’s time to find statesmen willing to govern as conservatives, not just campaign as them.

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